Hi my name is Kevin, I study Economics and Management at Aston University, and I am currently working in the Fleet division for my placement year at RCI Financial Services. 

Although relatively unknown to many outside of the automotive finance industry, Fleet looks to combine the Sales, Marketing and Operations departments of RCI in order to develop the finance products we offer to small and medium enterprises. This division links very well with my university degree given its holistic approach to the core business functions of RCI. At the same time, Fleet at RCI offers the chance to work closely with our motor manufacturer partners; Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Infiniti, providing an exciting alliance with leading automotive brands. 

During my placement, I have consolidated my understanding of Excel and PowerPoint whilst learning to use other reporting package software, which are vital for my role in Fleet. I have also been heavily involved in providing detailed analysis, reports and presentations for key projects at RCI, all of which are transferable skills for academia and the workplace. 

The Renault Way values encompass everything about the unique culture formed at RCI making it a welcoming and inspiring place to work. Regular events and workplace competitions add to the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of RCI. 

I would recommend RCI to future placement students as I believe the company provides interns with vast responsibility and exposure to a growing industry. Combined with a great culture and supportive environment RCI challenges interns to learn and continually develop.