Hello, my name is Gurjas Singh and I study Business Management at the University Of Surrey and I am currently working as a Marketing Projects intern in the Total Customer Experience Team under the Marketing Department here at RCI.

Here at TCE, we do not only try to make the customers journey better but also work towards improving our internal and external comms and database to be more efficient. I also get to work with potential and existing suppliers which gives me a first hand and in-depth knowledge about the current market. Therefore, every day is different and challenging as I get to work on new or existing projects which is quite interesting as well as educative and also non repetitive which is a huge plus point.

The work environment over here at RCI is also extremely positive and lively, and as a late starter, I was anxious about fitting in, but from day one, everyone made it very easy and welcoming for me. I always feel motivated to work harder as the managers here are keen in helping you grow as an individual as well as a team member of RCI. I would therefore highly recommend RCI for a placement year to any and every hard working student who would like to learn more about the automotive industry as well as have a good time doing so because RCI provides you with one.