Hi, I’m Stefan. I joined RCI Financial Services at the start of July 2018 in the Information Systems department. I study Applied Computer Science at the University of Leeds and am currently in my third year (placement year).

I have always been interested in technology which can be seen throughout my education. Since joining RCI Financial Services, I have learned a lot. Things that I had learned through university but now applying that knowledge to a real world scenario, like programming, but also subjects which weren’t covered in my first 2 years, like API testing for example.

I’m currently involved with quite a few projects, like Dacia online and Fleet. These being the main projects which I’m doing API testing on. As well as a solo project to do with the new Paper Signals technology that Google have been developing. All of the technical aspects are really interesting and really help expand my knowledge within the field. However it is not all technical, I also work with dealers and employees on site with support, this could be as little as an account being locked that shouldn’t be to something going wrong with the system and trying to find the cause.So far I have had numerous opportunities to get involved, and the whole department are an absolute pleasure to work alongside.

I would highly recommend this placement to any computer science / technology related degree students out there.However I would also recommend this to anyone who isn’t potentially doing a technology based degree but have a deep passion for technology and really want to expand their understanding and technical skills.