Hello! I am Issa, and I am an undergraduate student at Lancaster University studying a joint major in ‘Accounting, Finance and Computer Science’. Presently, I am a finance intern within the Management accounting team at RCI Financial Services.

The management accounting department at RCI FS is responsible for reporting on the company’s results, on a monthly basis. This includes the margin and profit, risk, operating costs, and cost of funds. We are also heavily involved in pricing, forecasting targets and setting annual budget for the whole company. Because of the potential ramifications of our decision making, a great deal of liaison and communication is required not only between the various departments at RCI, but also to teams across Renault and Nissan as well as at our Headquarters in Paris.

Having studied ‘Finance and Computer Science’ at University, I was very keen to explore the intersection between the two in a work environment and RCI’s vision of leveraging technology ingeniously was strongly in line with this. Despite being just an intern, I am treated like a valued colleague and the level of responsibility given to me since day one has been challenging yet intriguing. Some of my responsibilities (to name a few) range from ensuring that bonus payments made to dealers in excess of £2 million are correctly calculated and accurate, to the production of KPI figures whilst working with senior managers and directors. I also currently represent the entire department of finance within the RCI Reporting Group (a group of representative from all departments, established to facilitate collaboration across the business).

Such unique and unparalleled experiences, augmented by the fantastic people you get to work with are why I would unequivocally recommend a placement scheme at RCI Financial Services.