Hello, my name is Chloe and I study Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. So far this year I have been working within the marketing team carrying out report analysis for various departments. The main reports I do are for dealer account managers. This enables them to see the evolution of their dealerships throughout the year. Report analysis has taught me valuable excel skills and interpersonal skills within the workplace which will be great in the future.

As well as reports I have also worked on testing the new website within the brand team and I have been involved in other aspects such as pricing and invoicing. This has given me a variety of departments to be involved in and I look forward to doing this more within the future.

This role relates to my degree as I have learnt how to carry out financial, marketing and business report analysis, which will help me greatly in the future- both in final year and in future career prospects.

While being at RCI I would say the most enjoyable thing is the work culture and people. Everyone is very welcoming and it is good to have the support network of other interns, this has really helped us to develop good friendships with colleagues which I believe will continue after our working year at RCI.

Over all I believe my experience so far to be valuable and helpful towards my professional development, and I look forward to being involved in more projects throughout the year.