Hello, my name is Caroline and I study Business and Management at Montpellier Business School in France and I’ve graduated of International Business and Management at Hull University in England. I am currently undertaking a year-long work placement at RCI Financial Services in the Marketing Department, and more precisely I am the All Brands Intern in the Brand Team.

Working for RCI Financial Services is a challenging and rewarding experience because this company is a true model in the automotive and financial industry. I choose to carry out my placement year at RCI because it is a great way to gather Marketing aspect in the Financial Motoring world.

My role in the Marketing Brand Team involves working with all the Alliance Brands – Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Infiniti and Alpine - by contributing on various reports and projects for uniquely branded campaigns. Being part of this team gives me the opportunity to analyse the company’s performance as a whole as well as each brand individually, create reports to analyse Marketing performance, and be involved in a variety of interesting projects in the Marketing Department.

Interns are really considered equally at RCI. Managers care about our personal development and give us responsibility. This means that you are essential member of the team for the work that you do. I have never felt like “just” an Intern because everyone considers you as a valued employee and I have gained meaningful experience in this company.

The Brand Team helps me every day to develop as a professional and permits me to develop skills of which have not been involved in my University degree. I am communicating with my colleagues every day, so this helps me to improve my communication skills and my English skills. Obviously with all my work on performance and data analysis I have developed my analytical skills with Excel. And, also the amount of work and trust given to me has reinforced my personal challenge and confidence.

RCI is a welcoming, friendly and supportive work environment. When I started my Internship I was truly impressed of how everybody is very welcoming and always happy to help you. I would recommend a placement year at RCI to any student that looking for a challenging work experience in a welcoming and supportive work environment.