Hi, my name is Callum and I study Business Economics at The University of Exeter. I work in Marketing, with my specific focus being on Digital, which is a very exciting team to work in and tests a wide range of my skills. This is a fascinating time to be working in the digital team at RCI as there is a push to modernise RCI’s digital presence, which has resulted in a large amount of opportunities for me to get involved in.

Working within the Digital team, it is clear how diverse the job is; helping me develop many different skills. The role is mainly project based, therefore, from one week to the next I can be working on different projects that directly impact the business. For example, I am heavily involved maintaining the customer portal and finance websites. This is beneficial to me as the ability to have my own area of responsibility is extremely beneficial to my personal development. I am also responsible with liaising with outside marketing agencies to ensure that they receive the customer data necessary for us to perform our essential marketing campaigns

My role gives me the opportunity to take part in various projects that can range from weeks to months. Currently I am working on the new fleet website project. This involves me testing out the site’s functionality and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. I also have the opportunity to attend meeting and present ideas on how the project could be improved, and to report any errors in the website. This is a fascinating insight into how a company builds and develops a website within a period of time, and also how the customer is always kept in mind throughout the journey. 

I would unequivocally recommend a placement at RCI. RCI give placement students a considerable amount of responsibility, and encourage a lot of independent work. My manager is extremely supportive and reflects the culture of the company. I feel fully integrated within my team, which gives me the comfort and support necessary for me to complete my work.