Hi, my name is Annabel, I study Economics and Finance at Swansea University, currently undertaking my Industry placement year within the Marketing department at RCI Financial Services.

My specific focus is CRM. My role involves working alongside Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Infiniti brands to help shape marketing campaigns and animate renewal activity at all levels within the business as well as promoting the importance of customer retention and loyalty.

During my time in this role I have been able to experience working in a fast-paced environment which has enabled me to develop skills not included in my university degree. My analytical thinking and IT skills have improved significantly, especially my ability to work in Excel and PowerPoint, skills I would feel lost without.

I chose to partake in my placement year at RCI financial services as it offers diverse roles that incorporate both the finance and automotive industry. The relaxed company culture along with the friendly and welcoming employee’s makes this the perfect working environment for me to develop my skills and grow in confidence.

I would highly recommend RCI Financial services to placement students as it is a fantastic learning experience which has provided me with some valuable insights into the industry and the working environment. I have participated in various projects that have helped me develop new transferable skills, which I know will be relevant throughout any future jobs.